Going Green: The Kingdom's latest mega-project is not what you might expect

Going Green: The Kingdom's latest mega-project is not what you might expect

In recent years, the nation has unveiled many jaw-dropping mega-projects that have shocked the world, and Riyadh's green strategy is set to wow
10 October 23
Riyadh Green Project

Riyadh is set to be the home of more than 7.5 million trees in another ambitious mega-project detailed by the Kingdom.

Juxtaposing the current mega-projects and futuristic cities that are coming to fruition, Green Riyadh is set to enhance the living conditions and quality of life for residents in the nation's capital through the means of providing natural beauty.

Earlier this year, it was announced that more than 180,000 square metres of green parklands will be made accessible to local residents in Riyadh. And, supporting this goal, the Green Riyadh initiative stands as one of the world's most ambitious urban reforestation endeavours.

This project represents a significant milestone in achieving a crucial objective outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to enhance Riyadh's standing as one of the world's top 100 most desirable places to live.

Increasing the per capita share of green space in the city, Green Riyadh will aim to increase the square footage of greenery and green spaces by planting 7.5 million trees around the city. These new tees will be watered using an irrigation system of recycled water.

The ambitious Green Riyadh project will be a mega-project that the world has never seen before. It will involve planting approximately 72 native shade plant species that are compatible with the local environment across almost 200,000 square meters of parkland.

Supporting the sustainability and environmentally conscious elements of both Riyadh's bid for Expo 2030, and the Kingdom's wider plan, Vision 2030, these new green spaces will spread across an area of over 180,000 square metres.

Riyadh will be transformed into an oasis of lush green spaces and shadowy park land, perfect for residents and visitors to enjoy at any time of the year. Eighteen brand new parks will be created across the city and have been planned for residential areas, these parks will benefit both residents and the local environment, as over 7000 shrubs, trees, flora and fauna will be planted.

With many benefits, it is expected that upon completion Green Riyadh benefits will include the improvement of the air quality for residents and visitors by reducing the city's CO2 concentration by 3-6%. The natural biodiversity of the region will also be encouraged through the reforestation of the city and will also create new jobs for residents and offer opportunities in landscaping, horticulture and creating irrigation systems.